Hunter College Computer Science Syllabi

CS Major Core Courses
CS 127: Introduction to Computer Science
CS 135: Software Analysis & Design I
CS 150: Discrete Structures
CS 160: Computer Architecture I
CS 235: Software Analysis & Design II
CS 260: Computer Architecure II
CS 265: Computer Theory I
CS 335: Software Analysis & Design III
CS 340: Operating Systems
CS 499: Advanced Applications: A Capstone for Majors
CS Math Collateral
MATH 125: Precalculus
MATH 150: Calculus I
MATH 155: Calculus II
MATH 160: Matrix Algebra
STAT 213: Introduction to Applied Statistics
CS Electives
CS 267: Microprocessing & Embedded Systems
CS 275: Symbolic Logic
CS 350: Artificial Intelligence
CS 353: Machine Learning
CS 360: Computer Architecture III
CS 365: Computer Theory II
CS 372: Logic and Computers (Formal Methods)
CS 39502: Intro to Robotics
CS 39537: Intro to APIs
CS 39541: Basics of Game Engines
CS 39542: Intro to Data Science
CS 39543: Intro to Data Mining
CS 39545: VR, AR, Mixed Reality
CS 39546: The Ethic Challenges of Information Technology
CS 39548: Practical Web Development
CS 39549: Agile Software Development
CS 39554: Networking
CS 39562: Advanced Discrete Structures
CS 39575: Graph Theory
CS 39582: Computer Forensics
CS 39586: Open Source Software Development
CS 39594: Advanced Visual Tools
CS 39596: Advanced Networks and Cloud
CS 39597: iOS Development
CS 39598: Intro to Cyber Risk
CS 39539: Intro to Cryptography
CS 405: Software Engineering
CS 415: Data Communications and Networking
CS 435: Data Base Management
CS 460: Advanced Programming Languages
CS 49201: Functional Programming in OCaml
CS 49355: Algorithm Design and Analysis
CS 49362: Language Technology
CS 49365: Parallel Computing
CS 49366: Unix Tools
CS 49369: Computer Vision
CS 49371: Seminar: Big Data
CS 49375: Network Security
CS 49376: Big Data Technology
CS 49377: Deep Learning
CS 49378: Distributed Systems & Cloud
CS 49379: Intro to Blockchain
CS 49380: Intro to Reactive Programming
CS 49381: Intro of Computer Security
CS 740: Computer Modeling and Simulation
CS Non Major Electives
CS 120: Introduction to Computers
CS 121: Computers and Money: Quantitative Reasoning in Context
CS 132: Practical Unix Programming
CS 133: Programming for Everyone
CS 232: Relational Databases and SQL Programming
CS 233: Programming Projects Seminar for Minors
CS Daedalus Honors
CS 135 Honors: Software Analysis & Design I
CS 235 Honors: Software Analysis & Design II